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The Public Engagement Committee (PEC) is the voice of individuals affected by obesity within Obesity Canada. The mission of the committee is to build a vibrant community to empower people with obesity. The committee strives to elevate the voice of those affected by obesity in Canada through education, advocacy and support. Click here to view a copy of the new Public Engagement Initiative Strategic Plan.

Speakers Bureau

If you are interested in having a member of the PEC speak at your event, you will need to complete a Speaker Request Form and e-mail it to: Click here to download a PDF form.

Lisa Schaffer
Lisa SchafferChair
Lisa is a Sales and Marketing Director living in Vancouver who enjoys athletic pursuits including running, hiking and yoga.
Ian Patton
Ian Patton Public Engagement Manager, Obesity Canada
I have been involved with Obesity Canada for several years as a researcher and trainee. I have also struggled with my weight my entire life and am a recent bariatric surgery patient.
Kelly Moen
Kelly Moen Vice Chair
A former bariatric patient, I have a keen desire to introduce and advocate for a greater focus on mental and emotional well-being of patients, new research and treatments.
Candace Vilhan
Candace Vilhan
I have been a passionate member of Obesity Canada for 10+ years and am a recent addition to the Public Engagement Steering Committee.
Ryan Drummond - On Leave
Ryan Drummond - On LeaveEducation Coordinator
I have dealt with obesity all my life, and so has my family. Both my wife and I have benefited from bariatric surgery, and I want to advocate for wider access to obesity treatments across Canada.
Pascale Jenkins
Pascale JenkinsPatient Engagement Member: Quebec
Pascale believes that people with obesity should be able to thrive for happiness, fitness, physical and mental health. She considers weight stigma as both a social justice issue and a priority for public health. She hopes to contribute to a change of mentality.
Brenndon Goodman
Brenndon GoodmanStudent & New Professional Committee Representative
Brenndon attends University and is looking forward to a career in politics or law. He has faced the challenges and difficulties of being overweight his entire life.
Doug Earle
Doug Earle
Doug has been overweight almost his entire life. Though always the heaviest child in the class, he participated in all activities; nevertheless, his weight continued to increase.
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