Exciting news about the Obesity Canada Public Workshop!

I am sure you have heard that on April 27 in Ottawa, Ontario, we will be hosting our very first Public Workshop.  This exciting event will be a wonderful opportunity for you to come and lean and engage with Canadian experts, Obesity Canada staff and volunteers and and our dedicated patient advocates! We are building a strong and vibrant community of empowered individuals, come join us! Click here or to learn more about this event and make sure you check out the event page on Facebook here for more updates and speakers.  

There has been a lot of interest in this event from around the country, and we do plan to do more workshops in the near future but we do realize that the location means that many interested individuals will not be able to take part. HOWEVER! We are so excited to announce that Obesity Canada will be offering three individual travel awards for people outside of the Ottawa area to come and join us on the April 27th!We are looking for interested individuals from around the country who would like this opportunity to come join us at the Public Workshop.  The award will cover travel, accommodations and registration to the event (maximum value $1000 each). Applicants for the award need to complete this form to be eligible.