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To be eligible for the discounted registration rates, you must be a member of Obesity Canada and you must have your Westin Hotel confirmation number accessible prior to registering for the Canadian Obesity Summit. Of note, if you are a member and are booking your accommodation at the Westin, you will not be eligible for an additional 10% discount.

Note: Signing up for our professional newsletter replaces the more formal membership structure in place when Obesity Canada was known as the Canadian Obesity Network. If you were a professional member of the Canadian Obesity Network, your information was not transferred automatically to the Obesity Canada subscription given the requirements of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (2017). You will have to sign up again. 

Signing up takes less than five minutes: click here. 

Full Summit and daily pass rates will be available, along with student discounts.

Full Summit group registrations are also available for institutions/groups who register five people at the same time. If you have a group of 5 people or more, please contact the registration desk with the names of the delegates.

Registration Fees – Early Bird rate closes on March 14, 2019 @ 23:59 MST
OC Members Early Bird  $        720.00 $620 if booked at the HOST hotel
Late  $        820.00 $720 if booked at the HOST Hotel
Non-Members Early Bird  $        820.00 $720 if booked at the HOST Hotel
Late  $        920.00 $820 if booked at the HOST hotel
Students (OC member) Early Bird  $        300.00
Late  $        350.00
OC Member Day Pass Early  $        350.00
Late  $        400.00
Non-Members Day Pass Early  $        400.00
Late  $        450.00

Currently there is availability at the Westin Hotel. We have been experiencing technical difficulties with the online booking system. If you do try and book your accommodation online and receive an error or no availability message, please contact the hotel directly via phone at 613-560-7000 or by email.

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