Connected 2023 Virtual Conference March 4, 2023

 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern

Obesity Canada has been a global leader in patient engagement and empowerment due to our unique ability to connect people living with obesity with each other, leading experts, academics and health professionals working in the area of evidence-based obesity management. From our private online peer support community OC-Connect, where individuals living with obesity can find a community of peers to share and support one another while getting access to reputable, evidence-based information on obesity, to our Connected Conversations monthly webinar series, Obesity Canada is bridging the gap between patients/public  and the health professionals/experts. 

The Connected 2023 public conference is another way individuals living with obesity can engage with leading experts in the field of obesity management in an interactive and informative way. 

What Does Effective Obesity Management Look Like?

Learn about the evidence-based pillars of obesity management and What a long-term comprehensive approach to obesity management might look like.  

  • Obesity Is Not A Behaviour: Patient experiences in comprehensive obesity management
  • Bariatric Surgery: Long-term management post surgery
  • Obesity Medications: How they can support healthy living
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Arm yourself with the tools to live healthy 
  • Medical Nutritional Therapy: Diets don’t work, so what does? 
  • Physical Activity And Exercise: Physical activity is for everyone! Practical tips to get moving! 
  • Modern Obesity Management: The pillars of obesity management and how they fit together.