Are you a general practitioner or family physician in Canada looking to improve obesity management in your practice?

Even though clinical obesity is a chronic and often progressive condition, many physicians may feel uncomfortable discussing it with their patients.  We want to prepare physicians to work collaboratively with patients with obesity so they can live the healthiest life possible!

The OPtimizing Treatment and Management of Obesity program (OPTiMO) is now available!  To register, please visit .

“Obesity is under-diagnosed and under-treated, this is a valuable resource to expand your breadth of knowledge of obesity and establish a practical approach to a very complex disease. I enjoyed the expert videos and think the assessment tools are very useful. Getting feedback on the practically of the tool and whether it meets the needs of health care practitioners is crucial to seeing this educational platform succeed.” 
Dr.Megha Poddar, MD FRCPC ABOM
Endocrinologist and obesity medicine specialist