Another successful event in the books for CON-YYC. As requested by the membership, we held a Binge Eating Disorder educational evening on Oct 25th. We would like to thank Dr. Helen Cho (MD), Vincci Tsui (RD) and Cinder Smith (R. Psych) for highlighting the diagnosis and treatment recommendations for BED and discussing the implications for obesity care.

A huge and passionate thank you to our guest patient for sharing his powerful story of living with BED. Remember “it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach, you can take it step by step”. Here are some of the takeaways!

  • The old school parenting advice of “you can’t leave the dinner table until your plate is empty” may alter your relationship with food as an adult.
  • Although BED is more common in individuals with obesity (41.7%), 25% of those with BED are of normal weight.
  • A trigger food never has to be gone forever. Eventually you can introduce it back in and habituate to it. If this makes you nervous, think about the first time you said I love you to your girlfriend/spouse, you are nervous at first but then it becomes an afterthought.
  • You are more than just a number (e.g., BMI).