On March 19th 2019, the OC GTA Chapter jointly held a networking and educational event with LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic to explore the behavioural strategies most likely to be associated with sustained weight control. Aptly titled Effective Behavioural Interventions, the event featured three speakers to represent the different faces of those involved in supporting a healthy lifestyle change – the individual, allied health team, and physician. Louise Ross provided a patient-perspective of one’s experience living with excess weight, and how she was able to achieve her functional goals and feel well again with the support of her LIVE WELL  family. Carly Biggart is the Clinic Director and Owner of LIVE WELL and shared the clinic’s mission of bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness. By uniquely providing patients with a motivational environment and specialized exercise programs developed by qualified Exercise Physiologists, LIVE WELL aims to improve their clients’ obesity related co-morbidities. The evening came to a close with a compelling presentation by Obesity Physician, Dr. David Macklin, who distilled the complex neurobiology associated with overeating, and practical approaches to how one can tackle impulsive eating with behavioural change.