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Welcome to the Sudbury chapter of Obesity Canada!

Our Mission

The Obesity Canada-Sudbury chapter serves as the vehicle through which health care professionals, scientists and community members can network and work collaboratively to improve the lives of Canadians affected by obesity. Our goal is to ameliorate the health of Northern and rural Ontarians and contribute to the advancement of obesity-related care and research in Canada.

Mission Statement

Zaamgaamwin maamwi naadmaadwin N’sowaakmok waa nokiitming waazhi bmiikming nikeya gechi gkendaasjig, ne-naandwichigejig miinwaa dino-kiiwning diwpii eni daa-daajig ji-mno-maajiishkaa’aad Canadians maage ji-ni mino bmaadsiwaad zaamgaamwin enaapnejig.

Miidash maanda waa nokiitmaang ji-ni mno-zhayaa’aad waani zhi mino bmaadsiwaad giiwednong miinwa diwpii zaagjya’iinh oodenaang endaajig miinwa ji-miigweng waazhi mino maajiishkaamgag zaamgaamwin eni zhisemgag ndaniwming zaamgaamwin maanpii Canada.

Translated by Marion McGregor and Evelyn Roy

Notre mission

Le Réseau canadien en obésité de Sudbury permet aux professionnels de la santé, aux scientifiques, et aux membres de la communauté de réseauter et de travailler en collaboration pour améliorer la santé des Canadiens affectés par l’obésité. Notre objectif est d’améliorer la santé de la population rurale et du nord de l’Ontario tout en avançant les recherches et les soins reliés à l’obésité au Canada.

Founding Co-Chairs: Behdin Nowrouzi-Kia (Laurentian University) & Basem Gohar (Laurentian University)

If you are interested in joining the OC-YSB Local Chapter, please email us!





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