On April 27, 2019 Obesity Canada held it first ever public workshop, giving individuals living with obesity the opportunity to learn and engage with some OC experts on a variety of topics. The event included the following speakers and topics:

  • Arya Sharma, MD – Discussing obesity science and tips to stop being a yo-yo
  • Gillian Mandich, PhD – Discussing evidence-based practices to make you happier
  • Jennifer Brown, RD – Discussing nutrition and regain
  • Sandra Elia – Discussing food addiction
  • Ian Patton, PhD – Discussing self-advocacy and seeking the care and respect you deserve
  • Angela Alberga, PhD,Mary Forhan, PhD, Ximena Ramos Salas, PhD and Brenndon Goodman – An engaging panel discussion on weight bias and discrimination in Canada.

The event was an overwhelming success and a complete sell-out with more than 160 participants. The feedback and enthusiasm for this event has been exceedingly positive and has shown us that there is a need and a desire for more of these events across the country.  Our Public Engagement Committee is working to develop a vibrant community of empowered individuals and these public events will be a cornerstone in that mission.

Thank you to our participants, speakers, vendors and sponsors for making this day a reality and we look forward to seeing you soon at our next one!