A Manitoba private member’s bill to have “physical size and weight” included in the Human Rights Code to prevent discrimination based on body size (Bill 216) died in committee last night (October 31, 2018). Here’s what you can do about it (and you don’t have to be in Manitoba to participate):

Email Manitoba MLAs or the house leaders asap to share your disappointment and help move this forward. You can find your MLA by clicking here. 

Email the House Leaders: kelvin@kelvingoertzen.com; minedu@leg.gov.mb.ca; Jon.Gerrard@leg.gov.mb.ca; andrew.swan@leg.gov.mb.ca

If you are part of an organization that would back this Bill, please contact Lindsey Mazur, RD asap: manitobansagainstweightstigma@gmail.com. Lindsey has been working to support the bill, and has gathered nearly 10,000 signatures on Change.org. Her update from last night’s committee meeting can be found here.