Aim2Be is a healthy lifestyle app for Canadian families. It is designed to help families adopt healthy behaviours in four areas – eating, physical activity, screen time and sleep. It focuses on living green and fostering a strong self-esteem and a healthy body image.  It integrates behaviour change techniques and aligns with Canadian health recommendations. There is a separate app for parents and youth 10+ years. Both include a social wall which is monitored by a health professional. The youth app is gamified.

We are in the midst of a randomized control trial with 200 families with youth 10-17 years who are above the 85th percentile. They will use Aim2Be for 6 months. We’ll have results on the impact of Aim2Be on their health behaviours by late 2020. In the meantime, we are reviewing web analytics data from current and past users and determining what Aim2Be enhancements are needed before we launch Aim2Be to Canadian families. It is the plan for Aim2Be to be available for free, in English and French, in the Canadian app stores by mid to late 2020.

For further details, visit our website and download the Aim2Be Fall 2019 Update or contact Janice Macdonald, Aim2Be Project Director.