Obesity Canada has some big news for our members!

For a while now, we have heard the frustrations of Canadians living with obesity that there is a lack of support, education and community for us. Where there are support networks, they often fall victim to misinformation and unproductive weight-centric obsessions. To address this need, Obesity Canada is building our own, private community for education, support and engagement, called OC Connect.

We think it will be a valuable tool in building a vibrant community of engaged and empowered individuals. OC Connect will be a safe and private place for you to support and learn with others. This community is an app-based platform that is separate from traditional social networks. Through OC Connect, you will be able to meet people like you from across the country to ask questions, share stories and provide support to your peers. You will also be able to engage in dedicated education, advocacy and empowerment through courses, workshops and events hosted right in the app. OC Connect is very easy to use and can be accessed through your web browser or on your mobile device through the app.

While we prepare for an official launch later this year, we are inviting applicants to be among the first of our beta testers. Limited to 50 members, we are looking for people to join us in the OC Connect community to explore, engage and provide some feedback.

If you are interested in helping us build OC Connect into something special, email patton@obesitynetwork.ca and we will send you more details and an invitation.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Photo: Connections by deargdoom57/Flickr/CC by 2.0