Feb/March ’19 Message from the Public Engagement Committee Chair – Lisa Schaffer

The lead up to 6th Canadian Obesity Summit is in full swing! The Public Engagement Committee (PEC) is excited to be taking part throughout the conference program this year, sharing our experiences and being at the forefront with leading researchers and policy makers advocating for the millions of Canadians living with obesity.

Obesity Canada is proudly patient centered. One of the key message PEC consistently shares thru our efforts is that individuals living with obesity are strong, productive and valuable contributors to Canada. They deserve to be heard and demand to be included; decisions on treatment, care, prevention or policy must be person-centered. This message is truly at the heart of what we do as advocates working with Obesity Canada — we work to connect our personal lived experiences and stories to the conversations around obesity. We create human connections with to policy makers, researchers and clinicians working in the field of obesity science to ensure first hand insight is represented on all fronts.

We look forward to sharing more insights about the advocacy efforts we are working on — many of which include looking for more opportunities to connect with you and to bring your voices, stories, and needs to the conversations that will shape our future. We look forward to building an empowered, informed and vibrant community of Canadians — working together to lead change!

Did you know we have travel scholarships available for our upcoming Public Workshop in Ottawa on April 27th? If you are interested in finding our more about us, have ideas you would like to share, or feel like taking part in our upcoming workshop would be an amazing opportunity please apply! We we would love to meet you!

Lisa Schaffer, Chair, Obesity Canada Public Engagement Committee
Educate Patiently. Advocate Passionately. Inspire Consistently.

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