This blog post is brought to you by Sara English, medical student and Dr. Michael Vallis, Psychologist, Dalhousie University, Halifax 

Obesity is a complex chronic medical condition, which requires collaborative care with a supportive  healthcare provider to manage. However, treatments often place all the responsibility for change  on the individual to eat less and move more. The purpose of this study is to understand how  physicians’ attitudes towards obesity affect how individuals with obesity feel about themselves and  about the patient-provider relationship.  

Participation involves completing an online survey and watching two short videos, one of which  explores nonbehavioural weight control and the appetite system, which has three components: 1. the homeostatic mechanism (gate keeper) 

  1. motivational system (go getter)  
  2. the executive system (sleepy executive) 

You qualify to participate if you are Canadian and have a BMI greater than 30. Participating in this  study may improve your understanding of Obesity. The results will also help guide treatment for  those living with obesity.  

If you agree to complete the survey, please copy, and paste the following link in a browser.

Photo Credit: Dr. David Macklin