Today’s post was prepared by Claudia Holody in collaboration with the OC-SNP National Executive Team. Claudia is a graduate student at the University of Alberta and the current Communications Coordinator for the OC-SNP National Executive Team.

There is no doubt that 2020 was a particularly difficult year for many, if not most, people. However, looking back, we hope that you still have experiences to be thankful for and to celebrate. Now that the new year is here and moving along swiftly, we asked the executive team of Obesity Canada – Students and New Professionals: what was the best part of the 2020 year for you? Take a look at their answers below.

Audrey St-Laurent (Chair)

“In 2020, I became the Chair for OC-SNP, I started a PhD in Nutrition at Laval University and I learned how to bake delicious pies!”

Khushmol Dhaliwal (Vice-Chair)

“The best part of 2020 was graduating from my MSc program and taking time this year to develop my cooking skills!”

Sarah Rae (Chapter Representative)

“The best part of 2020 was getting to bring home my new French Bulldog puppy, Louie! Another memorable part of 2020 was moving home to the town I grew up in, and living closer to my family members.”

Kerri Delaney (Special Events Coordinator)

“The time I got to spend with my family as a result of the first lockdown.”

Claudia Holody (Communications Director)

“2020 was the year I finally made the decision to transfer to the PhD program as the next step in my studies, and I’m excited for what’s to come!”

Malcolm Snow (Financial Director)

“Two events are tied for my best part of 2020. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, and I started a new job where I continue to learn new skills.”

Sylvain Iceta (Recruitment Director)

“The first lockdown: it gave me plenty of time to take care of my children (and to publish a lot of scientific articles).”

Marcus Moore (Resource Coordinator)

“I had a great summer working with Prof. Jacob Shelley and various members of the Obesity Canada team!”

Brenndon Goodman (Public Engagement Committee Representative)

“The best part of 2020 to me was being able to catch up on movies and books I missed, as well as learning to appreciate time with friends and family more.”

Laura Vergeer (Outgoing Chair)

“Making good progress with my PhD research, and getting to spend more time with my family as a result of the pandemic.”

Rebecca Christensen (Outgoing Vice Chair)

“Getting to spend more time with my loved ones that I live with. Frequently, I am so busy running from meetings to events that I get very little time with those that I actually live with. Being forced to be at home has given us a lot of time to reconnect that I have really cherished.”

What was the best part of the 2020 year for you? Let us know! Find us on Twitter and Facebook @OCSNPNational. You can also learn more about each member of the executive team here. We’re hoping 2020 was everything you wished it would be and more and that your 2021 is even better!