We are seven months into 2019, and there is an undeniable momentum building here at Obesity Canada (OC). Progress is happening and there are positive shifts around the conversations about obesity. OC continues to work with stakeholders around the globe, and here at home policy makers are seeking our council to ensure that the millions of Canadian living with obesity are represented in future policies and plans. 

Representing our fellow Canadians is at the heart of what the OC Public Engagement Committee collective strives to do. OC is designed to be a patient-centered organization, recognizing that to be a quality ally supporting advancements in the understanding and treatment of obesity lived experience must inform our work.

More simply put, Obesity Canada understands that representation matters. 

For me it is an honour to represent the lived experience of someone living with obesity. Myself and the other PEC advocates share our honest perspectives of what it is like to navigate life from our individual perspectives. The importance of representation has shown up in the media, most recently with the attention gained from Nike’s plus-size mannequins.

Moments like the Nike reaction reminds us there is still a lot of work to be done. Institutionalized fat shaming and systemic weight bias is undeniable. Just this month, Cancer Research UK launched a dangerous campaign rooted in flawed science and sensationalistic headlines. But, these moments also remind us that we need to continue to show up everyday to represent and advocate for change. 

Join us!

Lisa Schaffer, 

Chair, OC Public Engagement Committee