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With the support of our FOCUS partners, Obesity Canada digs deep on the most important topics in obesity prevention and management today via short webinars with leading Canadian experts.

Obesity as a Chronic Disease.

Dr. Arya Sharma, Scientific Director of Obesity Canada goes through obesity as a chronic disease.


Why is Obesity a Chronic Disease?

Obesity Canada Scientific Director Dr. Arya M. Sharma outlines why obesity needs to be taken out of the lifestyle category.


Sustaining Changes in Healthy Behaviour

Behaviour expert and registered health psychologist Dr. Michael Vallis on how to achieve your best weight.


Obesity Treatments in Canada

Dr. Sean Wharton provides an overview of available medical treatments for obesity (2017).


Rethinking Success in Obesity Management

Three experts weigh in on what healthcare professionals should be aiming for when treating obesity in adults.


Is Obesity a Mental Health Issue?

Dr. Valerie Taylor examines the link between mental health, behaviour and obesity.


Dr. Ximena Ramos Salas

As a public health researcher, Ximena Ramos Salas is exploring the unintended consequences of obesity prevention policies for people with obesity.

How the World Affects Your Weight

Outspoken obesity physician and advocate Dr. Yoni Freedhoff discusses how the food environment affects weight and health.


EveryBODY Matters, Including You

Drs. Angela Alberga and Sara Kirk discuss the significant impact of weight bias and discrimination in Canada.


Need to Know: Sleep, Exercise & Obesity

Two Canadian experts examine one of the hottest topics in health today – sleep’s impact on health and weight.


Rethinking Obesity in Children & Adolescents

Pediatric experts Dr. Katherine Morrison and Dr. Geoff Ball reshape expectations for treating young people with obesity.


Living With Obesity & Advocating for Care

Dr. Ian Patton discusses how you can become your own advocate for health and fair treatment.


How can we get teens talking about lifestyle habits?

Dr. Geoff Ball and Maryam Kebbe discuss the importance of talking to teens about lifestyle habits and how Conversation Cards are an important resource.

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