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Respect. Knowledge. Action.

Are you or someone you know affected by obesity? This is the place for you.

The mission of Obesity Canada is to improve the lives of Canadians affected by obesity through the advancement of anti-discrimination, prevention and treatment efforts. We’re proud to work with a team of activated and passionate Canadians living with obesity. Our Public Engagement Committee guides Obesity Canada’s policies and activities to ensure we capture the voice of people living with this disease.

This website is your one-stop resource for:   

  • Support to remove the stigma from obesity and bring positivity and respect to those who are affected by it
  • Credible and evidence-based information and tools designed to change how we perceive and discuss obesity
  • Information and tools to help you access the care you need
  • Connecting to a community of researchers, health professionals and policy makers who want to make a difference in the lives of those living with obesity

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Are you or is someone you care about affected by obesity?

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