Do you work with children who need support with weight management? Start with mom and dad!

Based on several years of research conducted at the University of Alberta and the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, AB, a newly tested, evidence-based lifestyle intervention is now available for healthcare professionals working in the field of pediatric weight management.

Parents as Agents of Change© (PAC) is a 16-session intervention designed for parents of 6 to 12 year olds with obesity. Based on principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and up-to-date research in children’s nutrition and physical activity, PAC was developed to help parents learn about and implement strategies to enable healthier living for the whole family. More than 250 families have completed the 16-session intervention since 2010, and over 95% of parents said they would recommend PAC to other families.

“It was great for providing small-step strategies and ideas for families ready to change their lifestyle habits”

“It was nice to have discussions with other families. I learned a lot and it gave me helpful ideas.”

All program materials, including leader manuals, parent resources and a how-to on delivering PAC, are available for a licensing fee so that you can offer PAC in your local area.

Over the past few years, several PAC-related papers have been published, including:

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For more information about PAC, please contact Dr. Geoff Ball at gdball[at]