Dr. Maryam Kebbe obtained her PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Alberta’s Department of Pediatrics (Edmonton, Alberta), completed postdoctoral training in the Medical Sciences Division at the University of Oxford (Oxford, United Kingdom), and is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Reproductive Endocrinology & Women’s Health Laboratory at the Pennington Biomedical Research Institute (Baton Rouge, Louisiana). Maryam’s previous research has focused on optimizing lifestyle modification and delivery of weight management services in pediatric and adult patients with obesity through a diversity of research methods, including knowledge syntheses, formative, epidemiological, and interventional studies, and knowledge translation. In her current role, she conducts clinical research to promote maternal weight maintenance and fat loss during pregnancy in women with obesity. Maryam is passionate about sharing her methodological and content expertise through teaching and dissemination – she has authored or co-authored over 15 published manuscripts, 35 conference abstracts, and 30 invited presentations as well as taught a number of undergraduate and graduate courses. In her spare time, Maryam has chaired academic health conferences, a trainee advisory committee on women and children’s health, a local obesity charity, and the CMAJ Open Patient-Oriented Research collection, which she founded in 2017.