Today’s post was prepared by Claudia Holody in collaboration with the OC-SNP National Executive Team. Claudia is a graduate student at the University of Alberta and the current Communications Coordinator for the OC-SNP National Executive Team.

Happy New Year! With the 2021 year in full swing, we took a moment to ask the executive team of Obesity Canada – Students and New Professionals what they are looking forward to this year. Take a look at what they said below.

Audrey St-Laurent (Chair)

“As the Chair for OC-SNP, I’m looking forward to improving my leadership skills through the numerous engaging activities we planned to organize in 2021. As a PhD student, I’m looking forward to my PhD exam and as an individual I’m looking forward to learning new recipes to cook for me and my family.”

Khushmol Dhaliwal (Vice-Chair)

“As the Vice- chair for OC-SNP, I’m looking forward to all of the amazing events we have lined up for the new year from the virtual conference to the pedometer challenge. It’s been such an honor working with this wonderful group and look forward to continuing to work with them all!”

Sarah Rae (Chapter Representative)

“In the new year, I am looking forward to the completion of my masters project and the next big steps in my academic journey!”

Kerri Delaney (Special Events Coordinator)

“Getting out onto the slopes to do some snowboarding!”

Claudia Holody (Communications Director)

“As Communications Director for OC-SNP, I’m looking forward to expanding our social media and working with my fellow executive members to promote the exciting events we have coming up!”

Malcolm Snow (Financial Director)

“Hitting the slopes to do some skiing, continuing to advance my skills in my job, and work on some personal projects.”

Sylvain Iceta (Recruitment Director)

“From a professional point of view, complete my MD equivalency and resume a clinical activity. On a personal level: getting on a plane and giving a hug to my family and friends.”

Marcus Moore (Resource Coordinator)

“I am looking forward to returning to normalcy after the COVID pandemic.”

Brenndon Goodman (Public Engagement Committee Representative)

“I am looking forward to being able to see friends and family again, hold parties, see movies, go out to eat and look forward to seeing what the next year will bring. Especially looking forward to hopefully being able to see my fellow OC members in person again too! As well getting back to more public engagement initiatives!”

Laura Vergeer (Outgoing Chair)

“I’m looking forward to finishing my PhD and starting the next chapter of my professional life in 2021. I also look forward to continuing to work with the amazing OC-SNP team to plan fun and educational activities for the year ahead!”

Rebecca Christensen (Outgoing Vice Chair)

“As a public health professional, I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing progress we are continuing to make on the vaccine front, and to see other ways that public health will band together to try to ensure the safety of all citizens.”

What are you looking forward to in 2021? Let us know! Find us on Twitter and Facebook @OCSNPNational. You can also learn more about each member of the executive team here.