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Who is the OC-SNP National Executive?

We are a team of students and new professional members of Obesity Canada committed to growing its vision and supporting local OC-SNP chapter initiatives. The OC-SNP National Executive consists of twelve positions, while three additional committee members (the Outgoing Chair, the Outgoing Vice-Chair and the Executive Director, Dawn Hatanaka) help support and provide ongoing advice to the new leaders of the National Executive each year.

Meet the Student Executive

What does the OC-SNP National Executive do?

The Obesity Canada Students and New Professionals (OC-SNP) National Executive initiates and supports all student and new professional activities at OC and local chapters at universities across the country. The Executive meets on a monthly basis via teleconferences to plan national activities and discuss local chapter initiatives such as. Specifically, the OC-SNPs:

  • Represents the interests of SNPs at OC’s Board of Directors and Scientific Committee
  • Helps establish new SNP chapters and supports the growth of existing chapters at universities across Canada
  • Provides materials to help university chapters spread OC’s mission
  • Maintains an online presence with social media on Facebook and Twitter to bring together SNPs from across Canada, promotes OC’s activities and members, and highlights trending obesity news
  • Provides small grants to chapters to support local SNP-led initiatives
  • Recognizes outstanding members through annual awards
  • Develops, organizes and implements national professional development, educational and networking activities, such as student-run conferences, oral and infographic design competitions
  • Connects SNPs to professional mentors
  • Seeks and secures relevant funding to promote OC-SNP’s initiatives

Interested in joining the OC-SNP National Executive?

Each year we accept applications for the next OC-SNP National Executive. The application deadline for the 2020/2021 OC-SNP National Executive is Friday, July 24, 2020.

Annual elections are now open. Apply here!

OC-SNP National Executive Positions and Responsibilities
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