The OC-SNP National Executive is a rewarding experience. We asked past and present OC-SNP National Executives, and 100% said they would recommend joining the OC-SNP Executive to their friends and colleagues. Below you’ll find what some had to say about their time on the executive and how it has helped forge their career paths and understanding of obesity.
Not only is being on the executive educational and engaging, it fosters networking and friendship, while providing leadership experience. Most importantly, it is A LOT of fun!
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“I would highly recommend joining the OC-SNP Executive to anyone in the field. Can I join again?Karen Patte, PhD Candidate, York University, 2009/10 Communications; 2008/09 Recruitment and Events Coordinator
Why did you join the OC-SNP National Executive?
NB: Until June 2018, Obesity Canada was the Canadian Obesity Network (CON), and OC-SNP was known as CON-SNP.
“I applied to join the executive after participating in COSM 2014 at University of Waterloo. That brief experience sparked my interest and I knew I wanted to be part of CON-SNP. Shortly after, I received an email about applying to the Executive and I decided to give it a shot!” – Aaryn SeckerMEd, Education & Communications Coordinator, Heart Niagara; 2014/15 Social Media Coordinator
“I joined the executive because I have had so many amazing experiences through CON having attended the Summit in Vancouver, Boot Camp, and the student conference in Waterloo. I was inspired to be more involved with CON, so I applied to join CON-SNP!” – Kendra Lester MSc,Data Analyst, Memorial University; 2014/2015 Secretary
“I wanted to give back to a fantastic organization that helped me grow as a scholar and a person.” – Zach Ferraro PhD, CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow / MD Class of 2019; 2010/11 Chair;2009/10 Vice Chair; 2008/09 Chapter Representative
“I have been involved in CON since 2008, CON has provided me many opportunities and been a huge influence on my academic career, I wanted the opportunity to give back and stay involved.” – Ian Patton PhD, Contract Faculty York University; 2014/15 Financial Director;2009/10 Central/Eastern Representative
“I was looking for a highly engaged student leadership group to join where I could make a meaningful contribution and meet motivated, disciplined peers.” – Leanne De Souza MSc, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto; 2014/15 Chapter Representative
What did you enjoy or gain from being on the CON-SNP Executive?
“It’s challenging to sum up what I got out of being a part of the CON-SNP Executive, as many of the rewards are difficult to quantify. I certainly learned a lot about the full spectrum of obesity research being done in Canada (from the biological sciences to public health), although perhaps more importantly I was able to connect with researchers, faculty, and students from across the country.” – Jasmin Bhawra MSc, Clinical Research Project Coordinator, Hospital for Sick Children; 2014/15 Science Committee Representative; 2013/14 Secretary
“As the Chapter Rep East, I had the privilege of getting to know many CON-SNP’s from across Eastern Canada.” – Ruth Brown PhD, York University; 2014/15 Chapter Representative
“Being on the CON-SNP exec has been tremendously beneficial to me both personally and professionally. First and foremost, it has given me a community of colleagues and friends that care deeply about issues that I care about.” – Deborah Schwartz PhD, Senior Analyst, Canadian Institute of Health Information; 2014/15 Vice Chair; 2013/14 Financial Director
“The sense of community that CON and CON-SNP fosters is indescribable. I have met some of the most amazing people through the CON-SNP executive, and the networking events at the Summit and student meetings, which has fostered both academic collaborations, and friendships!” – Cassandra Lowe MSc, PhD Student, University of Waterloo; 2014/15 Communications Director; 2013/14 Recruitment and Event Coordinator
“Networking opportunities and access to cutting edge information relating to obesity. Friendships! Travel! Experience organizing the student meeting/conference and contributing to a national interdisciplinary committee.” – Kristal Anderson, Professor, Camosun College, Victoria BC; 2008/09 Secretary and Financial Director; 2007/08 Chapter Representative
“Being part of the National Executive has been one of the most rewarding and enriching professional experiences I have had in terms of what I learned about the network, the mentors and new colleagues I have met, and the numerous friendships I have built.” – Stacy Dikareva MSc, Instructor, MaKami College of Massage Therapy; 2014/15 Chair; 2013/14 Chapter Representative
“As I was an assistant professor when I was on the executive, I enjoyed being in a mentorship position. I also enjoyed the practical aspects of planning events.” – Jennifer Kuk PhD,Associate Professor, York University; 2008/09 Guest Member
“Being a part of the CON-SNP Exec helped to develop my leadership skills and gave me a sense of continuity in my transition from graduate studies to my career. It was an excellent way to learn, grow and surround myself with those that shared a professional interest in obesity while making friends along the way.” – Arjun Trivedi MSc, University of British Columbia; 2014/15 Recruitment Coordinator
How did the CON-SNP Executive help further your career or research?
“It was a great stepping stone in increasing my awareness of how Executive members can play a beneficial role to other networks/councils/societies. I utilized the skills that I gained as a CON-SNP Executive during my fellowship training in Clinical Biochemistry, and I continue to use my experience through my participation as an executive/council member of other Societies.” – Allison Venner, Clinical Biochemist, Alberta Health Services; Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Alberta; 2008/09 Chair; 2007/08 Vice Chair
“It helped me make connections with other professionals in the field, and to hear about opportunities. It also helped further my knowledge and enhance my research by allowing my involvement in obesity-related events and interacting with researchers working from different perspectives.” – Karen A. Patte, PhD Candidate, York University; 2009/10 Communications;2008/09 Recruitment and Events Coordinator
“The CON-SNP initiative has led me to connect with industry leaders. In turn, I am now able to apply much of my academic training of both a clinician and researcher in different avenues; namely marketing and philanthropy.” – Keith Brewster MSc, Director of Patient Services, Okanagan Bariatric Surgical Program; 2014/15 Outgoing Vice-Chair;2013/14 Vice Chair; 2012/13 Chapter Representative
“I have served twice now on the national executive, I think the opportunity to collaborate with peers across different disciplines, across the country, working to organize events, conference involvement, administrative duties, interpersonal communications are all skills that are highly sought after by employers in academic and non-academic work. My involvement in CON-SNP gives me experience that I can learn from and discuss when seeking employment.” – Ian Patton PhD, Contract Faculty, York University; 2014/15 Financial Director;2009/10 Chapter Representative
“I have had the opportunity to meet and network with several rising stars in the Canadian obesity research community, and broaden my understanding of the determinants and consequences of obesity.” – Atif Kukaswadia PhD,Senior Epidemiologist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences; Science Writer for the PLoS Blogs Network; 2011/12 Vice Chair;2010/11 Recruitment and Events Coordinator
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