Today’s post comes from Dr. Kristen Reilly. Kristen’s doctoral thesis focuses on parents as agents of change in the treatment of childhood obesity and promotion of children’s health behaviours. She is currently a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Geography at Western University and the Special Events Coordinator of the OC-SNP National Executive.

The OC-SNP National Pedometer Challenge is an annual week-long event that promotes physical activity, networking, and a little bit of friendly competition between local OC-SNP and OC chapters across Canada.

This year marked the 8th anniversary of the challenge and was led by OC-SNP Chapter at Laval University. From March 1 to March 7, 2020, dozens of individuals competed on campuses across the country to get the most collective steps.

It’s not always easy to stay active during the winter months, but we saw a ton of fitness activities promoted at local chapters and many competitors braving the cold weather to make the most of our country’s beautiful paths and trails. Our hosts located in Quebec City, kept us informed and motivated throughout the week sharing physical activity facts and tips daily. It was great to see the enthusiasm and commitment among members in the OC community!

In total, the OC-SNP National Pedometer Challenge 2020 accumulated 3, 984, 865 steps! Many thanks to all of our participants and a huge congratulations to this year’s winning teams and individuals:

Team:                                                              Individual:

1st place: University of Waterloo                    1st place: Natalie Doan, University of Waterloo

2nd place: Laval University                              2nd place: Ben Cornish, University of Waterloo

3rd place: University of Guelph                       3rd place: Anton Trinh, University of Waterloo

(Launch of the week of the National Pedometer Challenge, a beautiful walk organized in collaboration with Ça marche Doc! Photo and description retrieved from OC-ENP Ulaval’s Facebook Page)