Today’s post was prepared by Claudia Holody in collaboration with the OC-SNP National Executive Team. Claudia is a graduate student at the University of Alberta and current Communications Coordinator for the OC-SNP National Executive Team.

With the holiday season coming up (or perhaps already in full swing), we’re thinking about all the wonderful things the holidays have to offer. We asked the executive team of Obesity Canada – Students and New Professionals: what are you looking forward to over the holiday season? Take a look at their answers below.

Audrey St-Laurent (Chair): “I’m looking forward to watching a lot of Christmas movies, to snowshoeing in the woods/forest and hopefully to see my closest friends and family.”

Khushmol Dhaliwal (Vice-Chair): “I am looking forward to relaxing, doing some online shopping, trying out new recipes, taking a trip out to the mountains, and spending time with family and friends (over zoom, of course!). I’m also looking forward to creating a vision board for 2021.”

Sarah Rae (Chapter Representative): “Over the holiday season, I am looking forward to relaxing with my puppy, and watching countless baking shows on Netflix.”

Kerri Delaney (Special Events Coordinator): “Good food and spending time with the people I care about :)”

Claudia Holody (Communications Director): “I recently started crocheting, so I am looking forward to completing a few projects over the holiday season.”

Malcolm Snow (Financial Director): “I’m excited to try and make some new recipes, and spend time with close family.”

Sylvain Iceta (Recruitment Director): “It will be the first holiday that we are going to be without the all family, so we hope to have fun, rest and create new Christmas traditions (and to be fully honest : to play video games, a lot!).”

Marcus Moore (Resource Coordinator): “Relaxing after a stressful exam period!”

Brenndon Goodman (Public Engagement Committee Representative): “I will be happy to be able to take a break from Law school and relax over the break. To celebrate Hanukkah with my family. As well as Playing the new cyberpunk 2077 game coming out over the holidays I’ve been anticipating for quite some time now.”

Laura Vergeer (Outgoing Chair): “I’m really looking forward to relaxing and enjoying some time off after a busy semester! I’m also excited to do some festive activities with my family (e.g., baking, watching Christmas movies, skiing, skating, etc).”

Rebecca Christensen (Outgoing Vice Chair): “To all these different types of virtual celebrations that will be taking place. Generally, I only get to spend time with those who live close to me, but this year my holiday gatherings are getting opened up to people in different cities, countries and even different continents.”

What was the best part of the 2020 year for you? Let us know! Find us on Twitter and Facebook @OCSNPNational. You can also learn more about each member of the executive team here.