Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines Endorsements

Developed by Obesity Canada and the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons, the new CPGs were authored by more than 60 Canadian health professionals, researchers and individuals living with obesity. Together, they assessed well over 500,000 published peer-reviewed articles and built consensus on a wide range of clinical and scientific issues to identify 80 key recommendations.

A summary of the recommendations is published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal online, and 19 in-depth chapters are available via the menu on this page.  The 19 CPG chapters will be an open-source, living document that will be updated as new evidence emerges.

The CPG development process was supported through a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research grant.

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Adult Clinical Practice Guideline Endorsements: 

Logo of the canadian society of endocrinology and metabolism (csem/scém), featuring a stylized red maple leaf and text.

date: 04/08/2020

Logo of the canadian association of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation (cacpr), featuring a heart and a maple leaf.

date: 30/07/2020

Logo of the association for the study of obesity on the island of ireland, featuring the acronym "asoi" in green and red letters.

date: 13/08/2021

Logo of the european association for the study of obesity (easo), featuring bold black letters and a blue circle.

date: 28/03/2022

Logo of the obesity action coalition, featuring the acronym 'oac' in blue letters with a green swoosh above it.

date: 12/06/2023

Logo of the alliance against obesity, featuring a stylized group of people in a circle, with the organization’s name around the edge in blue and orange colors.

date: 30/08/2023

Logo of the yukon medical association featuring a stylized white "y" intertwined with a black serpent on a black text background.

date: 03/08/2020

Logo of "exercise is medicine" featuring stylized text with the letter "r" formed by an ampersand in green and blue colors.

date: 29/07/2020

Logo of the sociedad chilena de cirugía bariátrica y metabólica (sccbm), featuring a stylized spiral design in blue and brown on a peach background.

date: 16/08/2021

Logo of the obesity society featuring a stylized purple circle with the text "obesity society" and the motto "research. education. action." in gray and purple.

date: 01/06/2023

Logo of the mexican society of nutrition and endocrinology featuring a blue circular seal with abstract figures and text.

date: 06/07/2023

Logo of hypertension canada featuring a red maple leaf with a white abstract figure and microphone, next to the text "hypertension canada" in black.

date: 21/12/2023

Logo of the canadian network for canchange, featuring a green leaf and a red canadian maple leaf, with text emphasizing health behavior change and promotion.

date: 24/07/2020

Logo of the canadian psychological association featuring a stylized red maple leaf and bilingual text in red and black.

date: 08/10/2020

Logo of the canadian liver foundation, featuring a stylized red liver icon next to the text "" and the bilingual name of the organization below.

date: 22/09/2021

Logo of the obesity medicine association featuring stylized hexagonal shapes in various colors next to the association's name in orange and gray text.

date: 01/06/2023

Logo of partnership overgewicht nederland (pon), featuring a large green circle with the acronym 'pon' in white and green letters, alongside the full name in green text.

date: 25/07/2023

date: 01/03/2024

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