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Welcome to Obesity Canada’s Event Hub!

Discover a world of opportunities to expand your knowledge and make a difference in the field of obesity management. We offer a wide range of events and training programs designed to empower healthcare professionals, educators, researchers, and individuals interested in tackling the complex issue of obesity.

Obesity & Hypertension in Canada: From Science to Solutions (Canadian Obesity Summit)

Join us at the renowned Science to Solutions conference (Canadian Obesity Summit) where Obesity Canada has partnered with Hypertension Canada to bring together leading experts and innovators gather to explore the latest advancements in obesity research, prevention, and treatment. This premier event provides a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration.

Obesity Canada and Hypertension Canada: From Science to Solutions
3-6 April 2024
Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta

We are excited and honored to invite you to our 2024 conference: Obesity and Hypertension in Canada: From Science to Solutions, learn more.

Calibre Training

Elevate your expertise with Calibre Training, a comprehensive program that equips healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to address obesity effectively. Our faculty members are committed to enhancing your proficiency in obesity management.

Certified Bariatric Educator Formal Designation

Become a Certified Bariatric Educator and play a crucial role in educating patients and communities about obesity management. This formal designation is valid for 5 years.

Expert Webinar Series

Stay updated with the latest research and insights through our Expert Webinar Series. We bring top-tier experts to your screen, covering a range of topics related to obesity, its prevention, and treatment.

Obesity Research Training: Experience a streamlined, updated edition of our renowned Obesity Boot Camps within the comprehensive Canadian Obesity Research Training. This program offers a diverse curriculum, encompassing epidemiology, cell biology, clinical management, and health policy, with a blend of 6 in-person training hours during the Canadian Obesity Summit and additional online components before and after the conference.

Community of Practice: As a Professional Community of Practice dedicated to professionals in the obesity field, you have the opportunity to engage in discussions, pose questions, and receive valuable guidance from your colleagues within the online portal hosted on our e-learning platform.

Access the professional training resources and Community of Practice here.

Public Resources

For those seeking valuable resources and community engagement, we offer a plethora of options:

Connected Conference: Mark your calendars for March 4th, as we celebrate World Obesity Day with the Connected Conference—an event dedicated to raising awareness and fostering connections in the fight against obesity.

Connected Conversations Series: Join our monthly discussions with experts, advocates, and individuals passionate about obesity management. These conversations provide a platform for open dialogue and shared experiences.

OC Connect: OC Connect is an exclusive, no-cost, virtual community designed for patients seeking support, knowledge, and the tools necessary to empower themselves with the latest evidence-based information, enabling them to become effective advocates for their well-being.

Join the online community for free here. 

Past Events

We’ve also hosted several successful events in the past, including:

Dietitians Learning Retreat: An exclusive retreat for dietitians to deepen their understanding of obesity management.

Canadian Obesity Student Meeting: An in-person platform for students to engage with peers and experts in the field.

Summer/Bootcamp: An intensive program for professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in obesity management.

Obesity Canada is committed to advancing research, education, and advocacy in the fight against obesity. Join us in our mission to create a healthier and more informed society.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and training opportunities as we continue to work together to combat obesity in Canada and beyond. Together, we can make a difference!

Current events:

Connected Conversations Public Webinar Series

Connected Conversations Public Webinar Series

Connected 2024 Conference

Connected 2024 Conference

Obesity and Hypertension: From Science to Solutions

Obesity and Hypertension: From Science to Solutions

Education Learning Platform

Education Learning Platform

What event attendees have to say:

High quality of speakers, useful for MDs!

COS Attendee

I absolutely loved that the client voice was included in all presentations. That was so powerful and it kept me grounded after getting into my science based head for the presenter and then having the client experience there brought me back to remembering all of this is about THE person.

COS Attendee

The incorporation of persons living with obesity- so awesome!!

COS Attendee

Great organization Warm tones Broad diversity of presenters

COS Attendee

Obesity Canada is doing commendable work to support patients and develop management guidelines.

COS Attendee

Thank you so much for offering this virtual conference experience. There are so many great learning opportunities and it is exciting to see how passionate everyone is about this area. Including the patient voice in each of the sessions helped to connect the content to clinical practice and the conversations were very powerful. Thank you!

COS Attendee

This conference was by far one of the most impactful for me. Including the client voice was so different than anything I have seen before.

COS Attendee

The speakers were fantastic!

Connected Attendee

Where do I start?! It was amazing! I loved the professional, preparedness of each of the speakers. They were all so knowledgeable.

Connected Attendee
There was a good variety of knowledgeable speakers presenting on a variety of topics.
Connected Attendee
The comprehensiveness of the topics and the acceptance and compassion of the presenters, which was validating.
Connected Attendee
An outstanding conference! So glad I attended! Looking forward to joining OC-Connect and attending future conferences, webinars or podcasts.
Connected Attendee
Worth my time. Thank you this great group of presenters and moderators.
Connected Attendee

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