Obesity Canada collaboratively engages with a wide array of strategic partners who are aligned with our core vision and mission to address the complexities of obesity. We are committed to fostering meaningful relationships with various stakeholders across the obesity landscape. Our partners include esteemed corporate sponsors, research institutions, business leaders, and public sector organizations.

We are proud to introduce the Fund for Obesity Collaboration and Unified Strategies (FOCUS). This initiative pools resources from Canadian trailblazers in research, business, and public service. Through FOCUS, we finance vital projects in research, education, and advocacy that are pivotal in the fight against obesity. Additionally, we are supported by generous individual and philanthropic contributions, which are crucial in advancing our work.

Together, with the support of our dedicated partners and the FOCUS initiative, Obesity Canada continues to lead transformative efforts to improve the health and well-being of Canadians affected by obesity.

Obesity Canada partners and collaborates with many organizations, associations, federations, health charities and businesses within Canada and Internationally. We proudly partner with the following organizations: