Make Obesity Canada Your Knowledge Translation & Patient Engagement Partner

Obesity Canada is a registered health charity with more than 30,000 organizations and individuals from many sectors and disciplines who are committed to improving the lives of Canadians living with obesity. 

We support, build, and nurture Canada’s obesity research ecosystem through our longstanding role as a network for researchers, health care professionals, policy makers and individuals living with obesity.  We encourage conversations, prioritize research gaps, amplify research findings, and build connections across research, clinical and policy stakeholders.  We also accelerate the dissemination of new information that will support evidence-based decision making and improve the prevention and management of obesity

We have developed tools and resources to help our network members share knowledge, develop skills, build working relationships and create partnerships with the goal of developing effective system- and patient-centered solutions to prevent, manage and treat obesity. We support both integrated and end-of grant knowledge translation activities as required by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and other research funding agencies.

As a patient-centered network, our research and knowledge translation resources also integrate knowledge users including people living with obesity. Since 2016, OC has engaged members of the public and individuals affected by obesity through our Public Engagement Committee. 

Obesity Canada’s public supporters can actively participate in research projects and can provide insights relating to research questions that are relevant to people living with obesity. OC’s public supporters can also review research plans such as recruitment approaches. Obesity Canada’s longstanding Executive Staff has extensive experience and understanding of the obesity landscape in Canada and can guide and support research teams to align and leverage provincial, territorial, national and international research, education, and policy activities.

Find out how we can support your research team and get your research into the hands of the people who need it most through:

  • Obesity Canada’s website and social media
  • Our public engagement committee and patient-centered research strategies
  • Media relations and communications mechanisms
  • Newsletters (professional, public), blog series, webinars to our network members and public supporters
  • Focus groups and surveys to identify research gaps
  • Representation of OC experts in research committees
  • Research participant recruitment support
  • Coordination of live knowledge translation and exchange events such as workshops and forums at the Canadian Obesity Summit

Contact us for a letter of support for grant applications, and to find out more about how Obesity Canada can be your KT partner!

Dawn Hatanaka, Executive Director, Obesity Canada
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