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Current Research Projects

Clinical Practice Guidelines – Adult – Released in 2020

Clinical Practice Guidelines – Pediatrics – Currently being revised

The Fit-for-Fertility Multicenter Randomized-Controlled Trial: Improving Reproductive, Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Women with Obesity and Infertility

  • Principal Investigator(s): J-P Baillargeon (Université de Sherbrooke)
  • Co-investigator(s): K B Adamo, V Babineau, R Bouzayen, B Carranza-Mamane, N Chaillet, W D Fraser, F Gallagher, A Godbout, E M Greenblatt, C Kamga-Ngande, W Kong, M-F Langlois, S E Laredo, K Lavoie, B R Mâsse, A-S Morisset, M-H Pesant, T G Poder, D Riverin, S-M Ruchat, M A Sagle, E L Taylor

Deciphering the Metabolic Signatures of the Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) in Young Children

  • Principal Investigator(s): S S Anand (McMaster University), J Beyene (McMaster University), P Britz-Mckibbin (McMaster University), R J De Souza (McMaster University), G Paré, (McMaster University), P Subbarao (University of Toronto)
  • Co-investigator(s): S A Atkinson, R J Heslegrave, S D Mcdonald, D Meyre, K M Morrison, P G Ritvo, M R Sears, J C Stearns, M G Surette, K K Teo, G Wahi, M Zulyniak

The Developmental Origins of Obesity and Obesity-related Complications in Children

  • Principal Investigator(s): V W Dolinsky (University of Manitoba), J R Davie (University of Manitoba), M S Kobor (University of British Columbia), G X Shen (University of Manitoba), B A Wicklow (University of Manitoba)
  • Co-investigator(s): M Azad, M Bakovic, A B Becker, L Bouchard, A B Dart, C A Doucette, J W Gordon, G M Hatch, M-F Hivert, J M Mcgavock, E A Sellers, K D Wittmeier, W Xu

Mapping the Current State of Pediatric Healthy Weight Programs in Manitoba: Promoting Knowledge to Action

  • Principal Investigator(s): K Wittmeier (University of Manitoba)
  • Co-investigator(s): G Ball, K Sibley, R Woodgate, B Wicklow, G ‘t Jong

Developing and Validating the Readiness and Motivation Interview for Families (RMI-Family) Managing Pediatric Obesity

  • Principal Investigator(s): G D Ball (University of Alberta), J A Geller (University of Alberta)
  • Co-investigator(s): R J Gokiert, J Ho, N L Holt, S Jelinski, J L Kuk, K M Morrison, S Srikameswaran

Stand Up to Be Active and Productive: Increased Health Outcomes and Productivity in Workers Using Active Desks

  • Principal Investigator(s): M-E Mathieu (Université de Montréal)

Clinical Outcomes, Health-related Quality of Life and Costs Following Bariatric Surgery: An Analysis of the Ontario Bariatric Registry Linked to Ontario Administrative Databases

  • Principal Investigator(s): J-E Tarride (McMaster University), M Anvari (McMaster University)
  • Co-investigator(s): D J O’Reilly, M Paterson, E M Pullenayegum, V H Taylor, D R Urbach, F Xie

Sino-Canada HeLTI: A Multifaceted Community-Family-Mother-Child Intervention Study for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity

  • Principal Investigators(s): W D Fraser (Université de Montréal), H Huang (Zhejiang University + Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Co-investigator(s): J L Cook, Y-J Fan, R Geneau, A M Sharma, J-P Baillargeon, L Booij, L Bouchard, Q Cao, N Chaillet, L Dubois, J Fan, C M Herba, F Jiang, H Jiang, B M Knoppers, A L Kozyrskyj, P C Leung, A Lewin, X P Liao, G Li, J Li, Z Liu, Z-C Luo, I Marc, B R Mâsse, L C Masse, F Ouyang, S E Semenic, J Shen, F-T Shi, H Shi, F Sun, M Del Pilar Vélez, W Xiang, H Xu, X Yu, J J Zhang, L Zhao, D Zhou

A Population Health Model to Project the Long-term Economic Impact of Chronic Disease Prevention Policies in Canada

  • Principal Investigator(s): B Sharif (University of Calgary), D Marshall (University of Calgary)
  • Co-investigator(s): A M Sharma, J Kopec, D Manuel

Patient-Oriented Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Obesity in Adults

  • Principal Investigator(s): A M Sharma (University of Alberta)

Hockey Fans in Training (Hockey Fit): A pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial of gender-sensitized weight loss and healthy lifestyle program for men who are overweight or obese

  • Principal Investigator(s): R Petrella (Western University), A M Sharma (University of Alberta)

Patient-Oriented and Evidence Based Obesity Management Certificate Program

  • Principal Investigator(s): A M Sharma (University of Alberta)

Weight Bias Research: Moving beyond raising awareness and creating change!

  • Principal Investigator(s): X Ramos Salas (University of Alberta)
  • Co-Investigator(s): A Alberga, A M Sharma, E Cameron, M Forhan, S Kirk, S Russell-Mayhew

Promoting Appropriate Maternal Body Weight in Pregnancy and Post-Partum Through Healthy Dietary Intake

  • Principal Investigator(s): R Bell (University of Alberta), LJ McCargar (University of Alberta)
  • Co-Investigator(s): P Robson, A M Sharma, I Csizmadi, M Devolin, V Jain, S Johansen, M Mayan, A M McInnis, K Nerenberg, C Rueda-Clausen, E Toth, S Tyminski, Y Yuan

Painting a more accurate picture of national obesity rates to fuel effective health interventions

  • Principal Investigator(s): G Ball (University of Alberta), L Masse (University of British Columbia)

FOCUS Project

Exploiting the therapeutic effects of the fecal microbiome in bariatric care

  • Principal Investigator(s): J Allard (University of Toronto), H Gaisano (University of Toronto)
  • Co-Investigator(s): BANKS Kate, COMELLI Elena, GLOOR Gregory, HOTA Susy, JACKSON Timothy, LOU Wen-Yi, OKRAINEC Allan, PHILPOTT Dana, POUTANEN Susan

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children (Team ABC3)

  • Principal Investigator(s): BALL, Geoff (University of Alberta)
  • Co-Investigator(s): BIRKEN, Catherine; HAMILTON, Jill; HOLT, Nicholas; MASSE, Louise; MORRISON, Katherine Mary; HANNING, Rhona; JOHNSON, Jeffrey; THIRSK, Jayne; ANDERSON, Laura; BUCHHOLZ, Annick; CARSLEY, Sarah; CHANOINE, Jean-Pierre; CORDEIRO, Kristina; DETTMER, Elizabeth; FORHAN, Mary; HADJIYANNAKIS, Stasia; HAINES, Jess; HO, Josephine; LEGAULT, Laurent; LUCA, Paola; MAGUIRE, Jonathon; MAXIMOVA, Katerina; MCPHERSON, Amy; PARKIN, Patricia; PEREZ, Arnaldo; SPRAGUE, Ann; TOULANY, Alene; TREMBLAY, Mark; TU, Karen

Determinants of metabolic recovery following bariatric surgery in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus

  • Principal Investigator(s): TCHERNOF, André (Laval University)
  • Co-Investigator(s): BIERTHO, Laurent; BOUVIER, Michel; CANI, Patrice; CARPENTIER, André; DAGHER, Alain; FERGUSON, Alastair; FULTON, Stephanie; KIEFFER, Timothy; LAFERRERE, Blandine; LEVY, Emile; MARETTE, André; PICARD, Frédéric; RICHARD, Denis; SCHERTZER, Jonathan; VOHL, Marie-Claude

Recent Canadian Publications

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