Board of Directors

Board of Directors2022-10-03T12:17:22-04:00
Bemal Mehta
Bemal Mehta Chair
Managing Director, Energy Intelligence, geoLOGIC Systems Ltd.
Jacob Shelley, SJD
Jacob Shelley, SJDVice-Chair
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law & School of Health Studies, Western University
Mary Forhan, PhD
Mary Forhan, PhDScientific Director
Department Chair and Associate Professor
University of Alberta
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
Arya Sharma, MD/PhD, DSc (hc), FRCPC
Arya Sharma, MD/PhD, DSc (hc), FRCPC
Past Scientific Director, Obesity Canada
Philip Sherman, MD, FRCPC
Philip Sherman, MD, FRCPC
Philip Sherman is Professor of Paediatrics, Microbiology, Nutritional
Sciences, & Dentistry at the Hospital for Sick Children, University of
Toronto where he has been on faculty since 1984.
Lisa Schaffer
Lisa Schaffer
Chair, Public Engagement Committee
Andre Tchernof, PhD
Andre Tchernof, PhD
Director, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolism Research Division, Quebec Heart and Lung Institute
Director, Obesity Biobank, Quebec Heart and Lung Institute
Director, Research Chair in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
Director, Graduate Programs in Nutrition
Lee Pigeau
Lee Pigeau
Executive Director, Brockville and District Hospital Foundation
Aaron Noga
Aaron Noga
Partner | Audit & Assurance
Deloitte Private

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