The authors thank Obesity Canada staff members Dawn Hatanaka, Nicole Pearce, Brad Hussey, Robert Fullerton and Patti Whitefoot-Bobier for their coordinating support as well as their contributions for the development of the Obesity Guidelines website, online resources, tables and figures.

The authors also thank members of the Obesity Canada Public Engagement Committee (Lisa Schaffer, Candace Vilhan, Kelly Moen, Doug Earle, Brenndon Goodman), who contributed to the creation of the research questions and reviewed key messages for individuals living with obesity and recommendations for health care providers.

The authors also thank McMaster Evidence Review and Synthesis Team (MERST) member Donna Fitzpatrick, who played a critical role in developing the methods needed for the guideline; and thank the reviewers whose comments helped to improve the chapters and this manuscript.

The authors thank Barbara Kermode-Scott and Brad Hussey for editing the guidelines, Elham Kamran and Rubin Pooni for research assistance, and Jordan Tate from the Physician Learning Program at the University of Alberta for designing the 5As framework for the guideline.

The CPGs were supported through a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research grant.