Is Obesity Canada where YOU belong? This is an exciting opportunity for you to join a world-renowned organization poised for continued growth. The question is, do you have the desire, ability, and talent to take this organization even farther? If so, you will be able to demonstrate a history and a proven track record of successful leadership managing a relevant, growing, globally recognized organization. You are innovative and driven to personal and team success, while also understanding the importance of aligning and collaborating with your dynamic and evolving stakeholders and other leaders in the broader national and international community. You have a growth and entrepreneurial mindset as well as being media savvy. You have strong financial acumen, can understand and lead by the numbers, manage budgets, reduce risks, effectively allocate resources, all the while enhancing the already extraordinary reputation of this organization. You have a reputation as a strong leader of people, able to develop, motivate, and mentor a diverse and fully remote team and promote a culture that aligns with the greater organization. Your capability to communicate effectively is a given, demonstrated through clear and concise language and thought, both spoken and written. You are direct, a straight shooter while also being respectful and courteous in your delivery. You enjoy building new and existing relationships, working closely with the national team to further grow the organization in Canada. You are confident leading and making key decisions in a fast paced, everchanging, and at times chaotic research and policy environment. You understand and accept your accountability to the company’s stakeholders and the board while acting as the company’s “face to the public”.