EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, February 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sharing a common goal of knowledge exchange regarding obesity prevention, treatment and policy, Obesity Canada announced today its new partnership with My Viva Inc. to support people living with obesity. With My Viva, these individuals can access personalized and comprehensive information and real-time support to help them live full and healthy lives.

Obesity is a multifaceted chronic disease that requires collaboration among stakeholders such as researchers, government, civil society, the private sector, professional networks, the media, and international organizations.

My Viva Plan® is a digital solution individuals can use to create personalized, evidence-based meal planning, fitness programming, daily coaching, access to a nutrition encyclopedia, on-demand education, and more.

Within the program, there is a wellness journey that adheres to the Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines created by Obesity Canada. Recognizing the importance of not just focusing on weight but also addressing overall health, My Viva Plan guides individuals on sustainable and realistic lifestyle changes.

According to Sanjeev Sockalingam, Scientific Director, Obesity Canada, “By collaborating, we can leverage each other’s expertise and resources to support obesity research, education and advocacy, improving the management of obesity as a complex condition through integrated and personalized care.”

“We understand that 99% of the activities that impact health and wellness occur outside of healthcare settings, as individuals go about their daily lives and want to support all the factors involved in overall health,” said Loreen Wales, CEO of My Viva Inc. “That’s why we built My Viva Plan to support individuals between visits with their healthcare team and to support that team in ensuring individuals and patients get the right information for their specific lifestyles and conditions.”

For more information or to access My Viva Plan, visit https://discover.myvivaplan.com/my-viva-plan/.

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