Three Easy Ways to Join Obesity Canada in Supporting Obesity Care Week 2021!

Obesity Care Week (OCW) is an annual awareness week dedicated to raise awareness, educate and advocate for a better world for people living with obesity.

Obesity Care Week 2021 will take place from February 28th – March 6th, 2021 and will highlight different issues impacting people living with obesity:

  • February 28th: Launch Day
  • March 1st: Weight Bias
  • March 2nd: Obesity Prevention & Treatment
  • March 3rd: Access to Care
  • March 4th: World Obesity Day
  • March 5th: Childhood Obesity
  • March 6th: “I Care” Day

Obesity Canada is a proud Champion of OCW2021 and we encourage all of our members and followers to join us in supporting this awareness week. Here are three easy ways in which you can help us support OCW2021:

  1. Sign-up for OCW2021 Alerts and stay-up-to-date with the latest news and information on how you can get involved!
  2. Follow Obesity Care Week on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram!
  3. Like, Comment or Share OCW’s content on social media! #OCW2021