by Ian Patton

If you didn’t already know, Obesity Canada is a registered charity.  We, like other well-known health charities, rely on the generosity of others to help improve the lives of Canadians through our work in research, education and advocacy. 

Coming up on October 20th is an opportunity for you to join us in making a difference! Join us at the 2019 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. This is a fun, inclusive and safe event with something for everyone.  Whether you are a walker or runner, you can challenge yourself at the 5KM the Half Marathon or the Full Marathon. Participant who join Team OC as a charity partner get discounted rates and the chance to race for free! Just use the charity PIN code at registration: 5K19OBESITY for the 5km race, M19OBESITY for the Full or Half Marathon.  Participants will be able to collect donations and fundraise on behalf of Obesity Canada. 

If you are not a runner or a walker, you can still support a great cause by joining us as a volunteer and cheering the participants on.  I would also invite everyone to contribute to the fundraising efforts of our runners. Every little donation makes a big difference.  

This year I am running the Half Marathon.  I run for a number of reasons. I run because I am in recovery from obesity, and for me running is about my mental health more than it is about the physical.  It is about my head space and showing up for myself, taking a bit of time out of the day to prioritize myself over other responsibilities and to clear my mind and refocus.  I believe everyone should and could do this in their own way; it does not have to be running.   

I run because I want to model for my family the joys of living active lives and to show my kids that being active is fun and important.  My son and daughter love running with me, and this past weekend we did our very first family 5K race, the SuperPower 5K. where the course was full of superheroes and capes running, walking and flying.  It was a blast and a great warm-up for the October run where my wife and kids will be once again be doing the 5K run. 

Finally, I run the STWM to support Obesity Canada and a cause that I am so passionate about.  Whether it was as a student doing obesity research, volunteering as a professional, as a patient and advocate or as an employee,  I know how important the work of Obesity Canada is and how much positive impact we have made.

I also know how much work lies ahead of us when it comes to eliminating weight bias and improving access to care for Canadian’s living with obesity.  I care, so I make it a priority and I challenge you to join me. This year I have set a goal of raising $1000; you can be a part of making a difference and help me hit this goal by clicking here.   

Ian Patton is Obesity Canada’s Director of Advocacy and Public Engagement