Obesity & Endometrial Cancer

2022-04-14T16:52:14-04:00April 14th, 2022|

Did you know that endometrial cancer has been on the rise in Canada over the past 20 years? People who are older and living with obesity are more likely to be diagnosed with endometrial cancer. However, it can occur in younger [...]

World Obesity Day March 4, 2022

2022-03-01T11:30:12-05:00March 3rd, 2022|

March 4 is World Obesity Day. For the past few years, all of the major global obesity organizations including World Obesity Federation, European Association for the Study of Obesity, The Obesity Society, Global Obesity Patient Alliance, Obesity Action Coalition, Obesity Canada [...]

Our Message to Educators

2020-11-09T17:19:09-05:00November 6th, 2020|

Image: weareteachers.com Today's post comes from Keshinee Moonian, BSc (Honors) Student in Computing Science.  Children and youth in larger bodies sometimes face difficult, uncomfortable, or embarrassing situations simply because of their weight. While we might think – or at least we would [...]

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