Over the last few years, Obesity Canada has been moving closer to our mission of improving the lives of individuals living with obesity through advocacy efforts and patient engagement.  Our Public Engagement Committee, and the dedicated patient advocates that make it up, put in a great deal of work to spread our message, make us stronger and act as a voice for the many Canadians living with obesity.  These volunteers are passionate and give up their time and efforts for something they believe in, with the vision of making a difference.

One of our patient advocates has been incredibly involved and vocal about weight bias and discrimination, speaking out about his experiences so that others can feel empowered to speak out as well.  Marty Enokson has made it his mission to make a difference and has been very brave in sharing his personal story and experiences.

Early this summer Marty attended the Your Weight Matters conference in Denver, hosted by the Obesity Action Coalition, where he was recognized for his efforts globally in reducing weight bias.  Marty was awarded the “Bias Buster of the Year” award by the Obesity Action Coalition.

Obesity Canada would like to thank Marty for his efforts and to congratulate him on this award.  The award should serve as a reminder that your work is making a difference and also encourage others to speak out against weight bias.  Keep up the great work Marty!