We are excited to announce that Obesity Canada is in the process of updating our Access to Treatment Report Card. This important resource, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of obesity treatment across Canada, will be thoroughly revised and updated throughout 2024, with an anticipated publication date in 2025.

Since its last publication, the landscape of obesity management and treatment has seen significant changes and advancements. Our update aims to reflect these developments, ensuring that healthcare providers, policymakers, and the public receive the most current and relevant information.

We acknowledge the support of Novo Nordisk Canada in this endeavor. Their commitment to improving the lives of individuals affected by obesity through meaningful partnerships and innovative healthcare solutions is invaluable to our mission.

We encourage all stakeholders in the obesity community to stay engaged with us as we undertake this comprehensive update. Your insights and experiences are crucial in shaping a report that truly reflects the needs and challenges of those affected by obesity in Canada.

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress with the Report Card, and join us in our efforts to enhance obesity care and treatment across the nation.