Celebrating Excellence: Dr. Taniya Nagpal’s Impact on Obesity and Pregnancy Research

Obesity Canada proudly recognizes Dr. Taniya Nagpal, the recipient of the prestigious TOPS New Investigator Research Award for her outstanding contributions to the field of obesity research, specifically during pregnancy. Dr. Nagpal’s work has substantially advanced our understanding and approach to this critical area, emphasizing the importance of inclusive and compassionate healthcare.

From the outset of her career, Dr. Nagpal has been a formidable force in challenging traditional narratives around obesity, particularly concerning pregnancy. Her research focuses on the intricacies of weight stigma experienced before, during, and after pregnancy, exploring its impacts on health outcomes, behaviors, and access to healthcare services.

Dr. Nagpal’s innovative approach is evident through her leadership in developing tools like the pregnancy-specific weight bias internalization scale, which has significantly enhanced how healthcare providers support pregnant women dealing with obesity. Her work in creating training resources for medical professionals, particularly in recognizing and mitigating weight bias in prenatal care, underscores her commitment to improving healthcare interactions for all women.

Beyond her research, Dr. Nagpal’s role within Obesity Canada has been deeply influential. Since her days as a Master’s student, she has been an active volunteer, contributing her expertise in various capacities—from chairing scientific committees to spearheading educational initiatives. Her involvement in organizing national summits and leading critical discussions at these events highlights her leadership and dedication to fostering a supportive community for new professionals and students alike.

Dr. Nagpal’s contributions are not just a testament to her hard work but also signal a promising direction for future research in obesity and pregnancy. Her dedication serves as an inspiration to us all, and we look forward to her continued success, once she returns from her maternity leave, and the advancements she will bring to our understanding and management of obesity.

As we celebrate Dr. Nagpal’s achievements, we also extend our heartfelt thanks to the TOPS organization. Their ongoing support of the New Investigator Research  Award not only highlights the importance of emerging research in obesity but also ensures that innovative leaders like Dr. Nagpal receive the recognition and encouragement they deserve. This partnership is invaluable in advancing the field and supporting research that promises to make significant health impacts.

Thank you, Dr. Nagpal, and thank you, TOPS, for your unwavering support. Together, we are making strides toward a healthier future for all.