Obesity Canada and partners at the Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Research Centre raised awareness about obesity as a chronic disease, as well as our work to help individuals living with obesity to access evidence-based treatments, to the members of Quebec’s National Assembly (MNAs) October 10th,2019. 

We also raised the issue of Rule 6.3, a law in Quebec that prohibits coverage of obesity medications, as a barrier to obesity care in the province. This law was intended to ban the coverage of over-the-counter, herbal and non-evidence-based treatments and supplements, but now evidence-based pharmacological treatments are governed under the same law.  

If you live in Quebec and want your MNA to do something about changing Rule 6.3, use our one-click campaign to demand equitable access to obesity care. 

List of MNAs we had the pleasure to meet included the following:

  • Marguerite Blais, Prévost
  • Lionel Carmant, Taillon et ministre délégué à la Santé et aux Services sociaux
  • Enrico Ciccone, Marquette et porte-parole de l’opposition officielle en matière de sports, de loisirs et de saines habitudes de vie
  • Pierre Fitzgibbon, Terrebonne
  • Andre Fortin, Pontiac et porte-parole de l’opposition officielle en matière de santé et services sociaux
  • Sylvain Gaudreault, Jonquière et porte-parole du troisième groupe d’opposition en matière de santé
  • Jennifer Maccarone, Westmount–Saint-Louis
  • Marwa Rizky, Saint-Laurent
  • Danielle McCann, Sanguinet et ministre de la Santé et des Services sociaux
  • Jean- François Roberge, Chambly

The list above is not a comprehensive one but we look forward to following up with everyone in upcoming months.