Today’s post comes from Amanda Raffoul and Melissa Fernandez. Amanda and Melissa are the current Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the CON-SNP National Executive. You can find more about Amanda and Melissa here!


As members of the CON-SNP National Executive, we have the privilege of connecting with SNPs (students and new professionals!) across Canada. This year, we had a goal to grow these networking opportunities beyond our current network and develop even greater opportunities for professional development among SNPs.

In Canada, there are profound differences in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) program enrollment between women and men.  Beyond this, there exists a “leaky pipeline” in academia – although there are more women than men enrolled in undergraduate degrees, their enrollment and academic status tend to decline through their careers.

At a recent CON event, we found that, within the organization’s network of professionals, there were some incredibly talented and wise women scientists. As two women SNPs ourselves, we found their advice was invaluable, and were inspired to share some of their words with other trainees. With some help from the rest of the National Executive, we reached out to women scientists in obesity across the country to answer the following question:

As a successful female scientist, what advice would you give to your early career self?

We are launching this initiative in honour of International Women’s Day, but will continue to post their responses throughout the next few weeks. Follow along with the hashtag #CONWomenInScience, and feel free to share our first few quotes!


Amanda & Melissa

CON-SNP Chair & Vice Chair

Image 1: Female-scientist by GrrlScentist (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))