Today’s member profile comes from M. Brenndon Goodman, Ph.D. Student at Osgoode law school of York University in Toronto, Ontario. M. Goodman sits on the Public Engagement Committee, and also on the Students and New Professionals Committee. 

Brenndon Goodman attends Osgoode law school working towards his JD in law. He is also looking forward to a career in politics or law. He has faced the challenges and difficulties of being overweight his entire life. He attended many unsuccessful weight loss programs until he found the Sick Kids Team Obesity Management Program. It was here that he discovered the support and helpful approach to weight loss. In 2012, he underwent bariatric surgery and has lost 120 pounds thus far. Brenndon was featured on a W5 program about his weight loss journey. Brenndon is very committed to helping young people understand and cope with the stigma and difficulties they face being overweight. He Is a member of Obesity Canada’s public engagement committee and also sits on the students and new professionals committee in order to help enrich the committee with a more public and patient focused perspective.