Although we live in a society of convenience seduction, where your smartphone can close your curtains and your favorite take-out can appear by swiping right, the easiest choice may not be the healthiest. Dr. Mike Evans released a series of videos on the importance of getting active and introducing a little inconvenience into our lives (check out how to make your day harder here). Maybe you’ve seen them? The news media picked up on it and it’s turned in to a movement (

Many of the suggestions included in the video aren’t new and will likely remind your grandparents of “back in my day…”. Some of the suggestions that really resonated with me include:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator (even take the elevator up too far and take the stairs back down a few floors)
  2. Park further away from your destination
  3. Ride your bike
  4. Get off the bus one stop early
  5. Plan a walking meeting
  6. Go for a walk at lunch
  7. Buy a push-mower, snow shovel, or rake