Obesity Canada has local chapters across the country. Get involved!

With over 30,000 members nationwide, Obesity Canada is the largest organization of obesity professionals in the world. As the network spans such a large and diverse geography, there is a need to deploy Obesity Canada at the regional level, with local OC chapters. Obesity Canada’s Student and New Professional network (OC-SNP) has taken a similar approach, and has had enormous success facilitating collaboration and networking at the regional level.

Check out our listing below of chapters to see if there is one in your area.

Active local chapters: 






Greater Toronto Area 


Inactive local chapters/re-building: 

Halifax, Moncton, Sudbury, Vancouver, Windsor, and Winnipeg

If you don’t see a local chapter in your area, and are interested in starting one, or being more involved, please contact us at info@obesitynetwork.ca!