Obesity Canada – Obésité Canada is looking for a Scientific Director-Elect. The Scientific Director-Elect is an advisory volunteer role with a 2 year mandate, with an additional one year serving as the immediate past-scientific director. This leadership position has some specific responsibilities but more importantly you will be  part of the leadership of a nonprofit, charitable association. Nonprofit charitable organizations rely on the guidance and involvement of its volunteer leadership.

The role provides overall scientific leadership for Obesity Canada (OC) and reports to the Board of Directors. The SD also serves as a spokesperson both nationally and internationally on OC research, education and advocacy activities, as well as on broader issues related to science and policy related to obesity prevention and treatment. 

As Scientific Director of Obesity Canada – Obésité Canada, the incumbent’s key roles and responsibilities include:

  • As a reputable scientist and/or clinician, the SD brings recognition, value, respect, and credibility to the organization;
  • As a highly connected individual, the SD brings opportunities to the organization, including connections to funders, supporters, and collaborators;
  • As a visionary, the SD identifies the role and value that OC can bring to funders, supporters, and collaborators. 
  • As a patient champion, the SD reaches out to and supports patent and public engagement activities of the organization.
  • As an advocate, the SD networks and interacts with all levels of government and policy makers to promote obesity research, prevention, and treatment efforts.
  • As a strong research leader, the SD works collaboratively with the research community to develop, direct, and support OC research programs 
  • As a research facilitator, the SD brings together and supports the research community in Canada by providing them with value added services (opportunities to do research, publish, obtain grants, disseminate findings);

Scientific Career Level

  • Well established scientist – Senior academic/clinical career level
  • Recognized research expertise nationally and internationally (research organizations)
  • Highly connected in the obesity clinical and research environment (nationally and internationally)
  • Recognized scientific and clinical leader (key opinion leader) 

Scientific Vision

  • Believes science benefits society and champions scientific excellence
  • Values and supports multidisciplinary obesity research 
  • Values and supports patient-oriented research
  • Advocates for more research to address both prevention and treatment of obesity
  • Nurtures and prioritizes the next generation of scientists and leaders
  • Excellent knowledge dissemination and translation skills

How to apply

Please email, in English, your full CV together with a letter of introduction and interest to Obesity Canada – Obésité Canada to info@obesitynetwork.ca with the subject line: Obesity Canada Scientific Director Application. 

If you have any questions about this leadership opportunity, please contact Dawn Hatanaka, Executive Director by email at hatanaka@obesitynetwork.ca. 

For more information about Obesity Canada – Obésité Canada, it’s vision, mission and priorities, please visit the website, here

Submissions must be received by: May 31, 2023 12:00 pm EST.