Do you need more recipe inspiration for post-bariatric surgery? Tell us what you think about our Protein Cards!

We’re inviting people who have or will undergo bariatric surgery to provide feedback on a newly developed tool called Protein Cards, a protein-focused recipe book! 

We acknowledge the difficulties in adhering to dietary recommendations after surgery. To help you, we developed a Protein Recipe Book that provides recipes and snacks to guide your meal preparations from full liquids to solids. This tool focuses on high-protein foods and suggests how to progressively introduce solid foods into your diet again. Our goal is to be able to provide this resource to patients of all ages. Before we can provide this resource, we want to be sure that it is suitable for people who have gone through bariatric surgery, can be easily understood and meets the needs of healthcare providers who work with this group. 

By participating in this study, you will also be eligible to enter a draw to win a $50 Amazon gift card! The survey duration is around 20-30 minutes and is also available in French. This study is approved by the University of British Columbia’s Behavioural Ethics Board (Research ID: H20-01855).

Click here for the survey