IBTN, which is co-led by Drs. Kim Lavoie (Montreal, CAN), Greg Ninot (Montpellier, FR) and myself, is made up of a group of international experts in the area of behavioural interventions and trials. It was conceived after years of mutual and international frustration with the quality of behavioural intervention designs and testing. Its main goal is to change this trend and help people develop and test impactful behavioural interventions. IBTN currently has over 345 members from 39 countries, covering 5 continents. Every two years we bring together experts from across the world to share, discuss, and debate how to move forward. Please see this infographic for an overview of IBTN: shorturl.at/afgsu.

We are very excited about our upcoming meeting, taking place next May 28-30, 2020 in Montreal. We have secured a number of internationally renowned speakers, including William Riley [Director of OBSSR, NIH], Helena Teede [Monash University], Karina Davison [Columbia], Lehana Thabane [McMaster University], and Joanne Hart [University of Manchester]. We are currently holding our call for abstracts (deadline is January 20). You can find more info about the conference here: https://www.ibtnetwork.org/conference/


In conjunction with the Conference, we are also holding our 3rd IBTN Summer School (May 24-30, 2020). The Summer School is open to graduate students and early career researchers who want to develop and extend their knowledge about behavioural interventions and trials. We had great success with our last two Summer Schools which were attended by participants from all over the world (36 in 2018 and 26 in 2019). Some of our confirmed faculty for 2020 include Linda Carlson (University of Calgary), Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin (University of Michigan Medical School), Molly Byrne (NUI Galway), and Susan Czajkowski (NIH). Online applications are open until January 13, so if you know of any graduate students or early career researchers who would benefit from this training, please encourage them to apply: https://www.ibtnetwork.org/home/summer-school/

Finally, if you would like to receive information about IBTN, we have a regular e-newsletter which you can subscribe to at: https://eepurl.com/bW-u2D.