Ask the Expert #7: Food Addiction Specialist Dr. Vera Tarman 

Each month we give you the opportunity to connect with a different expert in the topics that matter to you. Submit your questions to this edition of “Ask the Expert” and then look for the replies to selected questions in next month’s newsletter! This month we are discussing Food Addiction – a topic we are often asked about.  This is your opportunity to ask your questions of Dr. Vera Tarman, renown food addiction specialist.

Dr. Tarman, a medical addictions physician in Toronto, works with people who want to break their dependence on unhealthy foods. Over the last 20 years, she has been the medical director at Renascent, a drug and alcohol treatment centre. During this time, she has served more than 10,000 patients, including 1,000 with food addictions. She helped create Renascent’s unique in and out-patient programs for food addiction.  

Dr. Tarman’s expertise is in distilling scientific and clinical information in a reader-friendly format.  She has been host on various TV call-in shows (Roger’s Toronto Speaks: Addiction and Addictions Unplugged), and has presented on numerous radio interviews and podcasts. Her audiences have included more than 50,000 health care experts, medical professionals and people who learn how to break their food addiction through community and peer support. She is the author of Food Junkies – Recovery from Food Addictions (Second Edition). As a recovering food addict, she has maintained a 100-pound weight loss for more than 12 years and has been “clean” from sugar and flour for eight years.

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