Celebrating Excellence: Dr. Kerri Delaney and Kurt Tulsieram Receive the Canadian Obesity Fellowship

Obesity Canada is thrilled to announce the recipients of this year’s Canadian Obesity Fellowship, Dr. Kerri Delaney and Kurt Tulsieram. These outstanding researchers have demonstrated a profound commitment to advancing the field of obesity research and education, reflecting our mission to improve the lives of those affected by obesity through scientific understanding and community engagement.

Dr. Kerri Delaney

Currently serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Gilles Arcand Centre for Health Equity at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University, Dr. Delaney is at the forefront of integrating knowledge translation in obesity education. Their work focuses on identifying effective teaching methodologies for obesity care in medical education, emphasizing anti-oppression and community-based learning strategies.

Dr. Delaney’s research aims to set a new standard in medical education, ensuring future physicians are well-equipped to address obesity with a high level of competency and social accountability. Their innovative approach to curriculum development and her dedication to improving educational outcomes are just a few reasons why Dr. Delaney is a deserving awardee of this fellowship.

Kurt Tulsieram

Kurt Tulsieram is currently concluding his Ph.D. in Health & Aging at the University of Western Ontario, where he is preparing to defend his dissertation focused on the intersection of pediatric clinical guidelines for obesity management and the legal principle of the best interests standard. His postdoctoral work will be conducted under the guidance of Dr. Jacob Shelley at the Health Ethics, Law & Policy (HELP) Lab.

Kurt’s project is set to make significant contributions to how healthcare providers approach treatment for pediatric obesity, particularly in understanding the legal and ethical implications. His commitment to bridging health care, policy, and ethical standards in obesity management showcases his dedication and the impact of his future work.

Obesity Canada congratulates both Dr. Kerri Delaney and Kurt Tulsieram on their achievements and looks forward to their contributions to the field of obesity research and education. Their work not only advances scientific understanding but also integrates critical ethical, legal, and social perspectives that are essential for comprehensive obesity care and education.